Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have other food allergies? 

This page is for those with other allergies or following other special diets. Please read it and all FAQ's to see how we address your specific issue.  Also, please help us be able to help you by having your allergy card with you, or at the very least tell us all of your food allergies. We do not keep an allergy card on file, we want you to tell us each time what you cannot have because many times children will outgrow an allergy or find out about a new one.

We see many customers on a regular basis with Celiac and multiple top 8 allergies along with additional allergies to legumes, mustard, meat proteins, garlic, onion, nightshades; fruits, coconut, etc. We also feed many customers with EoE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis) and many who are also on feeding tubes.  Often we see those who have allergies to seeds or cannot have any seeds due to Chron's and Colitis or diverticulitis. Please let us know what the issue is and see ingredient lists; we rarely use seeds for the above reasons.

We recommend that you look at our ingredient books on our front ordering counter and we will make appropriate adjustments for allergies outside of the top 8. We often feed customers with serious allergies to mustard, garlic, onions, etc!

Example: allergy to legumes: 

Bakery: we clearly label anything that contains legumes (very few items).

For Meals: tell us you have a legume allergy and we will need to look at the master ingredient list on our front counter. You cannot have our base mayonnaise (or a few other condiments) because it contains pea protein and you cannot have our mock “rye” bread because it contains garbanzo and fava bean flour.  Your ticket will be flagged with that specific allergy when it goes to our kitchen. We can offer you a sandwich on our white bread without mayo or other condiments without mayo in them. You could also have a pizza from our Green Kitchen or a pizza from our Blue Kitchen.  That kitchen line will be shut down, cleaned and sanitized before processing your order with fresh ingredients and new utensils. Please see ingredient book at ordering counter and consult with us so we can take all appropriate steps to deliver a safe meal to you. No other orders can be made in that kitchen until your special meal has left the kitchen!

Meat and Poultry Protein Allergies: We have 3 dedicated deli slicers.  One is for regular Cheese.  One is for Daiya “Cheeses” (Casein -Free) and one for Meats.  Our meat slicer is also sanitized and put through the dishwasher between different meat protein cuts.  Each portion is individually packaged prior to coming back to the kitchens. This allows us to accommodate those with specific meat protein allergies by shutting down and cleaning and sanitizing the appropriated kitchen line. We have many items that can accommodate those with specific meat protein allergies and take appropriate actions when preparing that meal. We make sure our slicer is sanitized, taken apart and put through our dishwasher in between slicing of different meat proteins. Please see ingredient book at ordering counter.

Corn Allergy (Many meals and desserts are corn-free): There is Corn Allergy and there is Corn Sensitivity…and that makes a big difference; please let us know which one! A person with a serious corn allergy already knows the 180 or so ingredients that corn hides in. If you don't know them, you probably don't have a serious corn allergy or were just recently diagnosed. Often those with sensitivities won’t have an issue if there is a minimal amount of Dextrin in a tomato sauce and they often don't know that dextrin can be a source of corn. If an item contains dextrin or any form of corn, we won’t call it corn free because a corn allergy can be very serious. Please see our ingredient lists.

There is no corn protein present in the vitamin enriching powder in our breads; it comes from corn but it has been processed to remove the protein. Our white bread, pumpernickel, white mini breads and burger buns are free of corn starch. Please see our FAQ tab: What Vitamins do you enrich breads with?

Our Mock “Rye” Bread, French Bread and Sub Rolls (packaged for re-sale) contain organic corn starch.

Many of our desserts are corn-free as well. We make corn-free desserts with Corn-Free Organic Powdered Sugar.  If you have a severe allergy, we can offer you a sandwich on our Rice-Free, Corn-Free Sugar-Free Bread.  We make our own baking powder out of baking soda and cream of tartar when needed.  Please always check ingredient lists. However, in our bakery case and condiment fridge - we will help you identify corn-free items by using a yellow symbol with "CrnF" inside it.

  • What About Citric Acid?  Citric acid is found in high concentrations in citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges; etc.  It is produced when a bacteria is fermented on a corn sugar medium.  It does not contain corn, it is derived from corn.  Please consult with your physician before consuming Citric Acid if you have a corn allergy. See ingredient books.
  • Gloves: Our gloves are vinyl and contain cornstarch inside them to keep them from sticking to our hands. If you have a severe allergy to corn, please let us know and we will use un-powdered gloves.
  • If you are just corn sensitive; as Maureen is, this may not present a problem for you.  When we use corn in a recipe in house, we almost always use organic (non gmo) corn.  If you have a severe corn allergy please let us know and consult your physician when in doubt on ingredients. See Breads and Powdered Sugar and xanthan gum.

I am allergic to other Grains or don't eat any grains; what are my options? See Bread labels under Frozen Meals tab. There are options for you on our menu. We can make almost any sandwich into a salad or an entree for you. Our wings are always grain free.

Latex: We do not use latex gloves, we us vinyl gloves.

Coconut: See "What About Coconut" under FAQ Tab.

Other Special Diets: See Other Diets under FAQ Tab for "GFCFSF/Autism  and other Diets" for info on Paleo, FODMAPS, Specific Carbohydrate, Low Sodium, Low Oxalate, etc.

Vegan or Vegetarian: See our menu pages and bakery page; Blue Menu for Vegan and Green Menu for Vegetarian, they are clearly marked. Full ingredient lists are available.

See FAQ page for other questions, most likely your question will be answered there! If not, give us a call!

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