Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Flours, Breads and Pizza Crusts do you use?

We make all of our bread mixes and pizza crust mixes in house!  Making bread and pizza crusts that are free of all top allergens, gluten-free, vegan, vitamin enriched, and great tasting with great texture is not an easy task, but we have lots of experience, they are soft with great texture!  All breads and pizza crusts are made in house and are vitamin enriched.

Sourcing gluten-free flour in bulk is a challenge when accommodating so many allergies.  All of our mixes are made by us in house. We do not use any nut flours because we don’t allow any peanuts or tree nuts in our facility. We do not use coconut flour either, flours are very hard to contain, so we will not allow any nut based flours or coconut based flours or sugars in our facility.  

We use:  White Rice, Brown Rice, Potato, Sorghum and Tapioca Flours.   Garbanzo Bean and Fava Bean Flour are used in our Mock Rye and Pumpernickel Bread, croutons and occasionally in muffins.  Please see labels and ingredient lists. We sanitize our bread slicer between slicing of different breads. If you have an allergy to legumes, please let us know. You may have our white breads. 

We utilize EnerG Foods Flours and Bob’s Red Mill Flours.

  • EnerG Flours and “Egg” Replacer (which is basically leavening), Xanthan Gum and Potato Flour

  • Calcium Lactate is not from dairy and does not contain dairy. It is often used in leavening!

Our only choice for bulk flour is Bob’s Red Mill Certified GF Flours and Xanthan Gum:

Products utilizing these flours have consistently tested negative for the allergens we test for.

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