Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use Coconut?

  • We know that coconut has many positive health attributes, but some people with Peanut or Tree Nut Allergies are also allergic to coconut.  
  • We have many customers with coconut allergies and we don’t allow coconut flour, coconut sugar or regular coconut in the facility. Coconut flour and sugar would leave a fine dust in the air and would be hard to isolate. When we rarely use Coconut Milk; it is contained to the Blue Kitchen (Milk Free). 
  • The Daiya “Cheese” in the Blue Kitchen contains coconut oil, but the coconut protein is not present and it is the best choice for us. (see Daiya “Cheese”) As always, consult your doctor and our ingredient books. There are many options without coconut or coconut oil present.
  • Occasionally we may use coconut milk in a soup in the Blue Kitchen; often people have an allergy to milk; so the coconut milk will be the only option for them.  However, it is rare that we use coconut milk it will mainly just be available as an option for someone who has a milk and rice-milk allergy. In the bakery the Daiya non dairy cream cheese contains coconut oil (carrot cupcakes).
  • In the bakery, we use Larry and Luna’s Coconut Bliss Vanilla Ice ’‘Cream” in our Ice “Cream” Sandwiches. They process other allergens in the facility but they use good manufacturing practices including using protein swabs and testing. This product contains less than .35% of guar gum.

We clean and sanitize thoroughly after utilizing coconut milk. As always, consult ingredient labels or ingredient lists and inform us if you have a coconut allergy so we can take the proper precautions when making your meal.

*Even though coconut is not a nut; the FDA considers it a ‘tree nut”.  Please consult your doctor or allergist when in doubt about coconut or coconut oil and notify us if you have a coconut allergy.

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