Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up for ODC's Newsletter and Specials email?

What's the difference between food sensitivities, allergies and Celiac Disease?

How do I get to One Dish Cuisine?

Why are you located in a shopping center inside a residential neighborhood?

Do you require reservations for dining in house?

Do you offer gift certificates?

Why don't you allow outside food or beverages in your cafe deli or bakery?

How do you source products and ingredients?

Is your facility a dedicated Gluten-Free Facility?

Is your Facility Free of every allergen?

Where do you get your Meat, Chicken, “Cheeses” and Produce?

Do you slice your own meats and cheeses?

Is your produce organic?

Do you use preservatives or dyes?

Do you use soy lecithin?

What Condiments and Salad Dressings do you use?

What Type of Flours, Breads and Pizza Crusts do you use?

Do your products contain seeds or legumes?

What Vitamins do you enrich your breads and pizza crusts with?

What is Carrageenan and do you use it?

Do you have any products that are Rice Free?

Do You Test Your Products?

Do you use Gelatin?

Do you use Sesame and other Seeds?

How are your French Fries made?

What about your Fryers and Fryer Oil?

What types of Cooking Oils do you use?

What Type of Sugars do you use?

What type of Chocolate do you use?

What type of Vanilla Extract do you use?

What about Sodium?

Do you serve Alcohol?

How are your kitchens set up?

What if I have other food allergies?

Do you use Xanthan Gum?

Do you use Coconut?

What about Autism (GFCFSF) and other Diets?

Are there Vegan options for me?

What can I feed my baby when at ODC?

Are your products GMO?

Do you also make custom cakes and cupcakes?

What chicken stocks/broths do you use?

What spices do you use?

What other items are available?

What other facility information do I need to be aware of before dining at ODC?

Do you recycle?

Where else can I find One Dish Cuisine's food?

Do you Cater?

Do you Ship?

What about Testing & Liability?

Do you offer carry out meals?

OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK: Closed on Tuesdays

Bakery Opens Daily at 10 am -  For coffee, donuts muffins, etc.

Café Hours:Mon: 11 am - 7:30 pm | Wed - Sat: 11 am - 7:30 pm | Sun: 11 am - 3 pm

Reservations Requested for Parties of 4 or More!

We are always closed on the following days:

New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

We close early on the following days:
Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve & New Years Eve